Saturday, November 17, 2012

A lifetime of learning

I took a knitting class this morning... an initiation into the mysteries of the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern by Elizabeth Zimmermann. Just two hours (plus two hours next week), with a local but experienced teacher and three other students in the back room of the local yarn store. Big deal, right?

And yet, I was so excited about it I woke up at 5 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep.

I don't think it's knitting in and of itself. Nor was I beside myself about this baby sweater in particular—I've already knitted and crocheted five projects for the nephew who isn't even born yet. (He'll arrive any day now, though... stay tuned!)

It's just that I love to learn.
And, it's been WAAAY too long since I took any classes in anything.

This is why I've all but abandoned TV in favor of informative podcasts.

I think it's not such a bad thing. And I should encourage it in myself.