Tuesday, January 22, 2013


A week ago Tuesday I was RAPT for the first time.

Someone I don't even know gave me a knitting pattern electronically via the Ravelry pattern store. She had read one of my posts about losing my job, and wanted to help make my week better. I love that!!

RAPT stands for "Random Act of Pattern Tuesday," a takeoff on the phrase "random act of kindness." A Ravelry user chooses another Ravelry user, scrolls through their pattern wish list, and purchases one for them.

The consensus is that this idea originated with late blogger and designer Karrie Steinmetz, aka KnitPurlGurl. [This link may fail... there's no telling how long her family will leave the blog up.] Since her unexpected death last November, her readers and fans have been perpetuating the practice in her honor.

So what was I given? The pattern for the beekeeper's quilt by tiny owl knits. Isn't it cute? It's very popular on Ravelry because the work is portable until assembly, and you can make all the "hexipuffs" out of bits and bobs of yarn—ideal for me, since I can get started with leftover yarns I have stored away. (Yarn is NOT in my budget while I'm unemployed!)

Here's my very first hexipuff. I made it with yarn left over from a hat I made for my sister. I actually dyed this yarn, and it was my first dyeing project as well. I have plenty left over from the hat.

I confess, when I first heard of Random Acts of Patterns, I thought it was cute, but on the other hand I was a little cynical. OK, I had a bitter thought: "No one's ever given ME a pattern." Yeah, I'm selfish like that.
Well, now they have, and now I sort of get it.
Maybe when I find a new job, one of the things I'll do to celebrate is send someone a pattern.


  1. I've never heard of RAPT but now that I'm aware, I'll be watching for opportunities. I've been working on my beekeepers quilt for about a year now. I've nearly completed 300 hexipuffs, so before too long I'll be able to start sewing them together. I've enjoyed the portability of this project and my stash is quite tidy now with all this bits and bobs used up for this project. I'm sure we'll both have lovely blankets to snuggle with some day. Happy "puffing" to you.

    1. 300! That's almost one a day, yay you!

      I repurposed a little case that fits in my purse... it barely holds a bit of yarn, needles, and a small baggie of stuffing. Perfect! :)

  2. How sweet is that beekeeper quilt? Like honey, that is how sweet. ;-)

    1. Right you are!

      p.s. I enjoy your podcast. :)